Thursday, February 17, 2011

These Moments

These Moments.
Not to be confused with {this moment}.
I spent a lot of time knitting this week during Math lessons.
We are really nailing down telling time.
But the little girl is so precise.
Everything must be just so.

And so I sit while she meticulously
pencils in the digital clock time.
Dash by dash.

Thank goodness I have some knitting to finish.
There is always something cast on the needles.
I complain, but it is rather cute.
Don't you think?

And earlier in the week she has been playing a lot
with her wood toys.
We have a lot of wood toys.
But this particular set is what I want to highlight.

It is a sweet little town scene, complete with
houses and animals.

People and trains.

It appears to be quite old and was crafted in Eastern Germany.
I got it from EBay a while back.
I paid a pittance.
Maybe $3 or something.
It is so cute. The houses are 2 inches tall, tops.
I'd like to learn more about it and how old the set is
but my research has turned up nothing.

And lastly, I have to share this wonderful picture of dinner the other night.
Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto.
It was so tasty.
And after 40 minutes of stirring
as one has to do with risotto,
I ended up eating alone.
Paul got hung up on his business line
and Athena had a small amount and was off to play.
No matter.
I ate my dinner with a glass of wine
and listened to some Classical music on the CD player.
I could almost imagine I was in some
quaint Bistro in Italy.

Happy Weekend!


Tara said...

The few times Owen has done worksheets he insists on making his letters identical to those on the sheet too.... it is quirky but delightful.

Nice wooden town play set - the risotto looks great too. I'm going to try a risotto recipe that finishes in the oven - I know, weird but it looks good :)

Dawn said...

You just made me hungry. And I only just ate breakfast!
I really like that little wooden town of Athena's.
Have a great weekend!

Christina said...

Oh, that sounds like a lovely dinner to me. I have four boys, so the *peace* you just described sounds fantastic!

That tiny wooden town is lovely too!

Elizabeth said...

What sweet moments! Love that she want to write the digital time in all those dashes. I never thought about knitting while sitting with the girls during school time.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.

Blessings, Elizabeth

MJ said...

Oh I love the little wooden toys!! What a find!! I always enjoy having something to knit or crochet too, it is a actually a relief!

Melissa E. said...

That risotto looks delightful. I love anything with asparagus.

I think it's cute that she writes in the dashes for telling time. My 5th graders still don't know how to use an analog clock. I only teach them writing, but I'm fed up enough to pull out some primary worksheets. Glad your daughter seems to have mastered the skill. :)