Friday, February 25, 2011

Menu Plans

(today's stellar lunch: Lipton Chicken noodle soup
and canned pears)

After a craptacular* week of eating (Paul was in Toronto all week)
I have decided to step it up a notch next week.
I am always so hungry when he gets back from these long trips.
My plans may be rather ambitious but
what the heck? If we are going to have
freezing cold weather, I'll have plenty of time for cooking
now won't I?

Saturday: Wasabi Salmon, Brown butter brown rice and roasted broccoli
Sunday: Barbeque Ribs, Roasted Potatoes, homemade brown beans and veggies and dip
Monday: Kung Pao Chicken, Singapore Noodles and egg rolls
Tuesday: Beef Stew and Biscuits
Wednesday: Crispy Cod with oven fries and coleslaw
Thursday: Chicken and black bean burritos and leaf salad
Friday: Grilled Beef tenderloin steak, Parmesan popovers and Brussels sprouts creole.

And for lunch, in no particular order
Chipotle Sweet potato soup with bacon and cheese muffins
Tom Yum Soup (chick and shrimp in coconut broth)
Tuna melts

I love soup, as you can plainly see.You may also see that we are NOT vegetarians.
Not even close.
 I may not make all of those soups this week
but if I do, our elderly neighbors across the street
will be the recipients of fresh homemade soup
at least a couple of times next week.

So you can think of me, slaving away in the kitchen
(which is actually a rather zen experience for me)
in addition to all of the other tasks
Homeschooling Moms have to do each and every day.

*craptacular : kind of crappy, less than spectacular


Tara said...

Thanks for helping me with some menu ideas before I go grocery shopping!!

Yummy describes your spectacular week of food.... I do so enjoy being in the kitchen when its cold outside.
Yesterday I baked cookies, oatmeal bread and pumpkin bread ;)

Dawn said...

Mmmm....I want to eat at your house! I know I've said this before, but I love your wood bowls.