Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green With Envy Yarn Along

I can't believe it is Wednesday already.
Time for the Yarn Along with Ginny again.
I told you I would knit something with green
and here it is.

The yarn is 100% Simply Cotton Worsted
in Envy Heather.
These pictures do not do the color justice.
It really is quite lovely.

I am making myself some slippers.
The same slippers my Grandmother and Mother
used to knit for me way back when.
Same pattern, different yarn.
They always used the plastic phentex for these.
And although they last forever, as plastic tends to do
they offered little comfort and even less warmth.

I am just going to start this Wally Lamb book.
In truth, I started reading it a while back and I was enjoying it.
I was foolish enough to read a review which was negative so
I returned it to the library. I didn't want to waste
my time on such a long book if it wasn't going to be good.
So I will try it again .

And speaking of green, I have this lovely merino wool
waiting to be turned into something grand.
It was to be a sweater for Athena but
I am afraid I may have miscalculated the amount of wool I'd need.
Now, I just don't know, but after I finish these quick slippers
that yarn will be next on the needles.

I did, however, make this stack of washcloths from my leftover
cotton stash. That is the reason why the sizes are all different.
No matter, they work equally as well in the shower
or to clean a little one's face.


MJ said...

I love that yarn name envy heather. I am the same with reviews, it is so hard to look past them. If I see one bad review I assume the book is terrible--I need to work on that!

Earth Mama said...

Yay for lots of handmade washcloths! I went through a washcloth making streak last year, and should probablly get some new ones made soon as well!


Swanski said...

I love both of the green colors. Green is one of my favorite shades!

house full of jays said...

All that lovely green!! And those slippers - my grandma wears those slippers all the time - she has black for everyday and red for going out. ;) I could never get past the phentex - cotton sounds MUCH nicer!

Dawn said...

That green yarn is so pretty. I love handmade washcloths. I need to get myself some cotton yarn so that I can make some.

Meredith said...

Beautiful green!! And a lovely stack of cloths :) Anxious to hear about your book...

Christina said...

That stack of washcloths is both impressive and inspiring.

Elizabeth said...

Love both your green yarns. Green is always a favorite here. And you are inpiring me to make some washcloths. We really could use some new ones.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

It will bring back nice memories to have the same type of slippers.

Anonymous said...

I just got a bunch of that Envy green, too! It's a great color, so pretty.

And your washcloths are great, I really need to do that. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Gretchen R said...

I love all of that yarn! You've been busy!