Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This morning I sat on my favorite chair looking out the window and I made some lists. I like lists and I like checking things off my lists one by one. I made these lists in a book, not on loose paper, so I won't misplace them or throw them out. I used a pencil, well, because I love pencils. I love the way they sound as I jot down notes. In fact, on my computer desk in the kitchen I have 5 sharpened pencils in the letter holder and only one pen. On my desk in the school room I have a mason jar filled with the same. All sharp as a tack. I also love sharpening pencils with my trusty sharpener. Oh yes, back to my lists...

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Master Summer List

Picnic (at least one)
Broadway Street Fair
Visit my daughter in Humboldt
Go to Regina twice. Once to see Paul's sister and once to hear the grand news my brother has to announce
Have my Mom come for a visit
Have my two older Granddaughters come to stay for a few days
Go fishing on Ruby (the new to us boat Paul bought last year that has only run once!)
Paul and Athena go camping
Have a backyard sleep out in the tent (again Paul and Athena)
Host my family BBQ
Have the neighbors over for a BBQ
Pike Lake beach day
3 movie feast nights (more about that later)
Eat dinner on the deck whenever possible

Summer Reading List

Finish Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence
Anne of Green Gables (aloud to Athena)
(to be added to)

Summer Movie List

First understand that I am not a TV or movie watcher so this is a huge list for me. I own all of the following movies and have yet to take the wrapper off of them.

Lady Chatterley's Lover
Women in Love
Julie and Julia
Babette's Feast (eat a French meal before we watch, or during)
Big Night (eat an Italian meal before or while watching)
Tortilla Soup (I bet you can guess what goes here, yes, Mexican food)

Summer Job List

Make school lesson plans
Put mural up in bedroom wall
Install bamboo flooring in front room
Finish the kitchen island
Clean garage
Clean basement
Clean and organize school room

Most of these are jobs for Paul to do except the school stuff of course.

My most important goals for summer are to practice yoga 5 days a week and to make some fantastic meals all the while cultivating a feeling of peace and contentment. No schedules. Relaxed mealtimes and semi-relaxed bedtimes for Athena. I am hoping to pull it all off but I will be the first to admit that I love a good schedule. Summer time 2011 could be the summer I turn over a new leaf. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

I just watched Julie and Julia a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic! Jess

Dawn said...

I love your lists. Sometimes, in personality, you sound so similar to me. ;) I'm definitely a list person. It sounds like you're all set to have a great summer. I like the new blog look.

Tracey said...

I love your lists! I am a big list maker too...helps me get thru the day. I have only heard of two of the movies on your list so I;ll have to check out the others. Movies and food sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Big Night is one of our favourite movies.