Monday, June 27, 2011

Luscious Lemon

My name is Michelle and I am addicted...

to this wonderful yogurt.

This is NOT your mother's yogurt.
It is full fat, full flavour.
Lemony goodness.
No diet food here.

It costs a pretty penny too.
$4 for this small container.
Enough for 4 small servings.

But I buy it every week
and I have it four wonderful days
for breakfast.

The other days I have eggs.
Also not diet food.
PS I hate diet food.


Tara said...

Go big or go home I say ~ bring on the full fat and the full flavor. You actually eat less of something with more fat don't you?

Michelle said...

I think so.

Melissa E. said...

Sometimes a little bit of something naughty is much better than a whole lot of something good for you but gross. I go for the full fat often. I only need a little bit.

I wish they sold that yogurt in the states. It looks yummy.

Sarah said...

I need to find this. Lemon is helping my morning sickness (a little). Full fat products with lots of protein are supposed to help, as well.

Where do you get yours? Just at the regular market? Or...?

Dawn said...

Yum! I'm guessing that with the name Mediterranean, it's a Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt.