Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of Crafts and Groceries

Ah, the first lazy days of summer. So nice. So relaxed. We have been doing more reading and crafting than ever. It seems that time stands still when we are creating something together. Some projects there is hardly a word uttered. Each of us rapt in our creativity. Others, we chatter the whole time, sharing stories and ideas.

(remember this craft from your childhood? God's Eyes.
Athena caught on to this immediately and
being one to make things exactly as they should be
used a lot of white wool for the "white" of the eye.)

Then there is the modelling clay. She is always narrating as she transforms the shapeless pieces of clay into whatever strikes her fancy that day. Good days.

And as I was looking over my grocery bill I was wondering how much some of you pay for every day items. More? Less? or about the same? Here are some bits of my bill.


Tara said...

Love all the crafting going on.

Your organic raspberries are cheap!

Dawn said...

I was looking at the organic raspberries too....feeling a little jealous about that great price! Of course, it's a little hard to compare prices, because I'm not sure what the Canadian dollar is worth in comparison to the US dollar right now.