Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As The New Year Begins

Autumn is on its way. There are subtle signs all around me. From the cool evening breezes and the chill in the morning air to the shortening of days and the color of the leaves turning from their vibrant green to yellow and red. It is happening and I couldn't be more excited.

My daughter and I were talking this very morning about how September always seems like more of the "new year" than does January. It has always be so with me. I have probably mentioned on this blog about a couple hundred times that I am not a summer person. In fact, truth be told, there is no season that I dislike as much. Hot weather, sand tracked from one end of the house to another, mosquitoes, wasps, flies. And did I mention the hot weather? Yeah, I like none of it.

I am a creature of habit. The more things stay the same, the happier I am. I like to be home with my family. I love seeing my grown up kids but would rather they came to see me. I like adventure and being outside (except in the summer heat) but I would like to sleep in my own bed thank you very much.

I like the routine of the days and although I enjoy a more flexible schedule that the summer affords, I always look forward to fall. The days flow together nicely and we all know what to expect. There is comfort and stability in routine. PS I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer so that could explain much here.

We started back to school at the beginning of August. More easing back into in and for review purposes than anything else but the school year actually begins for us next week. Second grade already. As I prepared the coming year for her studies, I found myself torn between different schools of thought as I did last year as well. I really like the idea of unschooling but I am more of the methodical type. this is what we need to accomplish and this is how we plan to get there. All laid out ahead of time in neat little boxes on a schedule. This, however, leaves little room for staying with an interesting topic a little longer or skipping over uninteresting unimportant things. And too, what does she want to learn about? No room for that either.

As a home educating mother I want to honor my child and her specific needs and interests but I also want to leave no gaps in her education along the way. This is no easy thing to accomplish, in my mind anyway. And what about nature study. Being in tune with the seasons, the daily rhythms as we make our way around the sun. What about that? How can I as a parent and teacher possibly bring all of this together in a comprehensive interesting way. It is tough but exciting as well. This is a good place to be.

And so, these last few days before it all begins I have much to think about, much to put together and much to do. Athena is going for an end of the summer visit with her cousins for a few days, giving me some precious time alone. I have done all of my weekly work ahead of time so I can use the days wisely. There will be some planning, some preparing and a little bit of organizing. There will be some time on my yoga mat to be sure. There is nothing like my yoga practice to help me to see clearly, to help me see the big picture. And there will also be some long overdue time alone with my husband. We are heading to the big city for dinner where I plan to eat crab legs. (I really love crab legs.) And then we will head to my daughter's house on Saturday to pick up our girl and have one last family BBQ of the summer. All of my 4 daughters and their families and their dogs will be there. It promises to be a good time! I hope to be energized, refreshed and ready to go when Monday morning comes. It looks like it will be a good year.

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Dawn said...

Yay for fall! I love summer, but I'm always ready for fall when it comes. Enjoy these next few days....especially those crab legs.