Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Day

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Well that was horrid.
 I have spent the last I don't know how many days ticked off, to put it mildly and I really didn't like it one bit.
I don't know if it is my age, the time of the month or the phase of the moon but this is NOT like me and I do NOT like feeling this way.I have been really bothered, REALLY bothered by what a few people have said to me about one thing or another. I have even been bothered by things that have nothing to do with me, if you can believe that. All these things are small in themselves but put them together and man, I was steaming!

So yesterday, I decided I needed some time in my yoga studio. I got everything ready and I sat in half lotus, closed my eyes and I couldn't bring myself to move. I just sat there as if paralyzed by my negative thoughts. I sat and sat and sat. Lest you think this was the "clear your head on the path to enlightenment" sort of meditation, I assure you it was not. More like brooding it was. My foul mood carried on with me into the evening. Let me reiterate, I am very rarely in a bad mood at all so this is way out of the norm. I went to bed early, hoping to put an end to this day. I am posting this rant here today only because we as bloggers tend to only post about the happy stuff, the good stuff, the inspiring stuff... but we are real people with real problems and concerns and most importantly, real lives. Me especially.

And now, as the rest of my family is sleeping and I am here venting on the computer, I am determined to let it all go. I would advise my children to not let things bother them so I am taking my own advice. Putting on a new face today. A happy face. I am choosing to forget, to go on, to do what I know in my heart that I must do, no matter who says what. Besides that, I have a family reunion to cook for this weekend. 24 family members will converge on my deck, do some golfing (mostly the men) some moderate wine drinking and eating what is shaping up to be one of the best menus I've ever put together.

So, on that note, smile, have a good day, choose your attitude and don't let people bring you down. It is not worth it. :)


denise said...

Those days are hard...but it is a new day, and hope you are feeling better about everything!

Dawn said...

Oh, I get like that! I'm sorry it has been such a rough few days for you. Choosing to forget and move on is hard, but worth it.

Sarah said...

Well, that was well-timed. I found myself steaming over something rather insignificant in the scheme of things just this morning.

Thanks for the reminder. :)