Monday, August 22, 2011

Day at the Beach

We spend the better part of the day at the beach yesterday. We did some canoeing and some beach combing and some lazing around too. This trip was so much better in so many ways than the one we took just a few days before. Let me tell you why.

Last trip: First time in the canoe for the year with one very tippy girl.
This trip: Brought the dinghy where she could be as tippy as she liked.
Minor downfall: She cut her finger on the new oars. No blood.

Last trip: I put sunscreen on myself but forgot my ears. I burnt one ear. It swelled up to twice its size. Lovely.
And my upper middle back was sore for three days from the hard paddling.
This trip: I put sunscreen on my ears and wore one of Paul's linen shirts to keep the sun off. I paddled only 40 strokes this time and my sweet husband did the rest, including loading the canoe back on the truck all by himself. Muscle man he is I tell ya.
Minor downfall: It was so HOT. I think I much prefer canoeing in the fall.

Last trip: We didn't plan for actual beach time so we stood along the shore while Athena played.
This trip: We brought her butterfly net, pail and shovel. Blankets, drinks and food.
Minor downfall: Leeches. Yuck. She caught three of them and 6 minnows and 4 snails, all of which (save the leeches) now reside in our outdoor pond. 

Last trip: Oops, didn't plan on swimming so we didn't bring the bathing suit. That was the reason for the pantie pictures.
This trip: Brought the bathing suit.
Minor downfall: None.

Last trip: Granola bars and spring water.
This trip: Trail mix, organic apples, purified water and some concession stand fries. Oh, and a little thermos of Chardonnay.
Minor downfall: The concession food was WAY over priced and my pesky brother-in-law was ribbing me about public alcohol consumption. But, if he didn't bug me about something I would wonder what was wrong.

Lessons learned: It is always better to plan ahead for these day trips. Things work out better.
                          Kids don't care how hot it is. They just love the adventure of it.
                          Do not EVER tell your brother-in-law that you had wine at the beach. ;)


denise said...

Ha! :) Looks like a great day.

Dawn said...

I really love that last picture. Those beautiful eyes! That little boat of Athena's looks like fun.

Tara said...

I'm keeping all of these things in mind - we're spending the afternoon at a nearby lake tomorrow.

Looks like a nice trip!