Tuesday, June 18, 2013

june 18

(Yawn)  Pardon me. I am just so weary. I would say tired but that doesn't seem to describe it well enough. Our weekend away was fast and furious. Athena and I were on the road by 6:58 am, smoothies in hand. Note: don't make such a large one next time. Your bladder cannot handle that. We drove out to the farm to unload my myriad of house plants. Paul was already there digging trenches to divert the water. Lots of water all pooling around our foundation. It had rained for 3 days straight. By the time we got to Jackfish Lodge it was after 10am.

The anniversary weekend went well. I met all of the people from his work and their wives. What a good lot!  We played games (not my thing but I did it anyway), had lots of visiting time, good food and entertainment. A magician/comedian. He came around to scope out the audience so he could see who he could include in his act. I have been to enough of these things to know that Paul is ALWAYS included and so am I by association. Needless to say we were part of the act. He calls us up, asks us how long we have been married. Paul tells him 30 years. He turns to me and asks me if he can read my mind by now. I emphatically say "No, he cannot."  He can't believe this and says he will prove he can. I cut a card from the deck. He proceeds to give Paul a gigantic card with the magician's picture on it to put on his head. He has me show the crowd my card. 6 of diamonds. Then he tells Paul to pick my card. "3 of Clubs!" Paul shouts out. The magician whaps Paul on the head with the card and says "18 years and no one has ever f***ked up this joke!" He turns the gigantic picture card to the audience and of course it is the 6 of diamonds. That's my guy. Anyway... it was a nice time. Athena and I didn't get to sleep until near midnight and who knows when Paul came back to the room.

After Sunday breakfast we head back to the farm and I leave Paul there and Athena and I head back home. He has much to do there and I have much to do at home. So again, we are apart. Last week he was gone all week and this week he plans to come home on Thursday. It is wearing on my for sure. Him too. At least I have my own bed and a hot shower. He is sleeping in a camper, eating takeout and showering in a tiny, tiny cubicle in an RV. I have the better lot.

Back to the condition of the farm... I wasn't anticipating mud. Not that much anyway.


Tara said...

Glad you got in a bit of fun between the hard work :)

The year we moved here was the wettest on record.... everything had to be delayed because the ground was so saturated and the mud.... epic. I feel your pain on that front.

Just keep swimming and soon you'll all be comfy in your new home!!

Dawn said...

Lots of mud! It rains here all the time, but once you get stuff planted, the mud is not so much a problem. Our back yard looked like that all winter, after we had to have work done on the septic system. Thankfully, the grass has finally grown in. I had to keep baby wipes by the back door to clean the dog's feet each time she came in. It got old, real fast.