Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learning Notes: Weeks Five and Six

As I predicted, there will be weeks that are not so stellar. These past few were those. Week 5, the weather was just too nice. Plus we had to go to the city for Athena's eye exam*.Week 6, the flu*. A sick dog*. Oh, and company and Thanksgiving. Anyway, here we go.

Telling time
2D and 3D shapes
Writing numbers
Counting by 2s
Most and least
Counting by 10s
Counting forward and backward
Reading numbers
Groups of tens and ones.

She also played Shut the Box a few times. Fun game.

Language Arts

Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Lessons 41 to 44.
Read Bob books Set 2 Books 1 to 10


Thanksgiving History in Canada


Finished up Fall study.
Created an indoor moss garden.

Planted fall spinach and radish.
Nature hike. Collected some wasp nurseries and old bird nests.

She wanted to do a real science experiment to we dissolved salt in water, hung a nail by a string inside the glass jar. Still waiting on the salt crystals to appear.

While we were out in the yard, this huge flock of Sandhill Cranes flew directly over our yard. It was breathtaking...and very loud. Craaaakarr.


What Happens in the Autumn
All About Animals in the Fall
Canadian Holidays : Thanksgiving
Warm as Wool
Strega Nona's Harvest
Harvest Song
A Thanksgiving Wish
Various Thanksgiving inspired poetry

(I told you it was nice out. Eating Shrimp Creole on the
deck in October...in Saskatchewan... in one's pajamas?
Unheard of.)


Athena wrote and sent two thank-you notes to her Auntie and Cousin for gifts given. And then of course, since the weather was so nice, we just HAD to walk to the post office to mail it. This was the first time that I remained outside (with the dog) and she took the mail key and found our box and got the mail herself. She was pretty proud of herself.

Lots of modeling clay work. This theme was dinosaurs.

* No glasses for Athena yet. Optometrist says likely next year
*Flu for Athena. Started with a headache on Wednesday last and she is still sick 6 days later. It is mostly just a cough now. Was it H1N1? Maybe.
*The dog we just adopted has lost 8lbs since we got her. She has a bladder infection and is being treated for Tapeworm. $228 later, I hope all is well.


Dawn said...

Ugh...so sorry that Athena has been sick, and the poor dog to! Six days sounds like a long time not to be feeling well.
Those geese are so pretty.

Michelle said...

Dawn, those are Sandhill Cranes, not geese. Silly girl. ;)

Tara said...

I really like the moss garden and I'm glad you're both enjoying some good weather.

Owen and I are down with the flu now - it's a doozy too! My headaches has lasted nearly 3 days :(

Hope Athena is back to her old self soon.