Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nile Delta

This is little Josie. Our youngest granddaughter.
She just turned 3 last month.
One thing about Josie,
she LOVES her Papa.

This is her Papa.
He just turned 46 last month.
One thing about Papa is
he sure LOVES Josie.

This is a picture that Josie drew.
It is of her and her Papa.
She even wrote the letters by herself.
She said to her Mama,
"Papa just has a triangle for hair right?"
(Must be all she can see from way down there.
He is over 6 feet tall!"

PS When I told Athena the story and showed her the picture
she said that Daddy's hair does look like the
Nile Delta. :)


Tara said...

Oh Josie you are a cutie pie and your drawing is fabuloso!!

Kids crack me up :)

Dawn said...

Ha! That is so cute!

wandi said...

So adorable.I think Josie looks like her papa too. Only she's cuter. Sorry Paul. :)