Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corners of My Home

After shooting some pictures of my yoga studio the other day I thought I'd take some more pictures of our home. Just so you can take a peek inside. (I mostly mean for my sister Lyse, who has never been here!).

This is Athena's room. This bed was a hand-me-down from
her cousins Matheiu and Renee.
There is an ever changing array of "treasures" on the bookshelf.

And this is the best thing we ever did. We put a work table in the corner where she can leave her creations out to work on them another day. This saves us from having to step over them on the living room floor.

The living room. This is were you can find me every day after supper.
Me and my trusty glass of wine.
My spot is on the love seat, closest to the end table.

The kitchen, where it all happens.
My kitchen is huge! So much cupboard space.
So much so that I have way too much stuff.
Way too much.

 The dining room. See the dog bed in the corner?
Not crazy about that but she just loves to be with us and
I am not about to have a dog under the table or sitting by
waiting for some food to drop.

  The learning room. It is on the third level.
 Please ignore the dated carpet.

The learning room again. Other side.
We are awaiting the arrival of Athena's desk.
It was my Grandmother's.
It should be here next week.
That little wee school desk by the chalkboard will not do.

I had some pictures of our bedroom but it I thought that would be kind of weird to post.
Maybe another day.

I really love my home. I have lived in several houses
and have liked them all for different reasons.
Well, most of them. But this... this is my favorite one.
This is my home.

(I probably just jinxed myself and now we will likely move.
My motto: Hold things loosely)


Dawn said...

I loved seeing these photos of your home. It's beautiful! I always feel like I know a person better after I see their home. It was nice to get to know you better. :)

Lyse, Ebony, and Olivia said...

Love your kitchen! Makes me miss mine a bit.

Earth Mama said...

What a lovely home indeed...and yay, for Bob books! How wonderful you have a "learning room". dog bed *wink*...don't let any dog hair get in your food.