Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh no.

I am beginning to suspect that Athena has an allergy to the dog. I hope it isn't so. She has had some respiratory complaints for a whole month now. This has never been the case before. She has a cough that usually only appears in the morning and now her eyes are tearing and she has the sneezes.

I really am hoping it is not what I think it is. This is one GREAT dog, and I am not a dog person. For me to say the dog is great means she is really great. I am puzzled at what these symptoms could be in her and why they are lasting so long. We have had the dog for 6 weeks and she has displayed the symptoms for 4 of them. Is it just a lasting cold? Possibly. Or am I just trying so very hard to ignore symptoms that could signify an allergy to her pooch. I already vacuum the house every other day. The dog does not go upstairs to where the bedrooms are. How can I tell if she is allergic short of taking her for testing. Sigh. What to do, what to do.


Dawn said...

Oh dear. I sure hope it's just a cold.

Tara said...

I can see why you would suspect the dog might be causing her symptoms - especially the runny eyes and sneezing.

I hope everything works out for Athena and the dog!

Anonymous said...

Well it could be just a cold and not an allergy, maybe a little of each. I have a friend who loves dogs and knows all sorts of quirky things. She may have an idea for you.
Hope all goes well. i'll pop back in later, Have a Great Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Test ur child wth sum anti-histamine 2 c if tht helps. if it does ther is likly sum allergic problm. it may nt last tho- i ws allergic 2 our cat fr a mnth b4 th symptoms abated. we now hav 3 cats.we r an 'allergic' family so im nt sugestin ny risk takin if th symptoms r severe. hope al goes wel wth ur child & th dog :0)