Friday, November 12, 2010


I am almost positive that Athena is allergic to Meg. I know that I have sensitivities too. Each time I groom her or clean her bed I get all stuffed up. That I can live with. Athena's constant post-nasal drip and watery eyes I cannot.

But Meg is such a great dog. The BEST dog anyone could ask for, except for the shedding.
She follows Athena everywhere she goes. She goes to her bed around 7:30 each night on her own accord and we don't see her again until around 8am.

She requires a lot of grooming and has recently begun to follow me when I vacuum so I can vacuum her too. I am not kidding.

She is getting so much better on the leash too. Athena was able to walk her all the way home from the park by herself. Great improvement.

My daughter Jill, who lives in the city, is going to keep her at her house for a time and then we will see what happens to Athena when Meg is re-introduced. I hope nothing happens but I know it will. Darn it anyway.


Tara said...

This situation ends up being tough on everyone - including sweet Meg.

Wishing you all the best with the re-introduction :)

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry Michelle. I know this must be so hard.

Paula said...

That's terrible. I hope you are able to find another cause.