Saturday, November 6, 2010

Learning Notes: Weeks 9 and 10

The time is flying by. I cannot believe we are finished 10 weeks of schooling already. Although I was sick and we didn't "do" school all four days this week a lot of learning was accomplished.

Played UNO
Counting backwards 10 - 1
Counting 1 - 100
Addition 4 though 7, meaning 4 + 1 up to 4 + 10 etc. She is using kidney beans to tally but has graduated to little ticks on the paper. Some she can do off by heart.
Reviewing telling time. She is getting good at it. Also she is getting good at announcing the speed limit to her Daddy each time she sees a sign. You can bet he loves this. Now he really has a backseat driver.
Played war and crib for counting purposes and learning greater than or less than.

Language Arts.

Ordinary Parents Guide  up to lesson 52. I hear her all the time now sounding out any word she can find. In Costco today she read 7up. Easy I know but the thing is, she is reading!
Flash cards of sight words and any other we have learned. We have about 50 of them, although she can read more words than that. This is one thing she loves and even asks for.
Read Bob Books


Reviewed Chickadee, Owl and Goldfinch.
4H club work included a wild animals of Saskatchewan study so we spent a lot of time completing the unit.
She filled in her general information such as name, age, date of birth,address, phone number. Seems like 4H will be good for her. She has a meeting this coming up week and the theme of the month is Dog Care.
Read about bird beaks and all weird birds of the world. Did you know some birds throw their feces at predators and some puke on them and still others spit a smelly oil at them? Neither did I.

Music Study:
Reviewed Beethoven and listened to several cd's of his music. She is beginning to be able to pick out some pieces of his. Mostly the 5th Symphony and Fur Elise. I played Fur Elise for her on the piano and she was quite impressed. I was quite unimpressed. My old fingers are not as nimble as they once were.I am quite rusty but I enjoyed it too.


Did a brief introduction to yoga and its benefits.
Practiced yoga 3 times.
She spent most afternoons outside. I mean from 1pm until 5pm every day. Good stuff. She loves snow and lamented today about its disappearance with the warm weather.


Beastly Birds and Bats
Listened to Jim Weiss Animal Stories.
Read the novel Catwings
Moon Dogs
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
We're Back - Dinosaurs (more times than I wanted to)
The Fox and the Hound
Now One Foot, Now The Other

PS I don't expect you to read these learning notes. They are simply my way of keeping track of the years learning.


Kaivalya said...

I read them! Glad to see that yoga is on the curriculum! :-)

Hope you're feeling better!

Sarah said...

YOUR learning notes are actually my favorite to read! :)