Thursday, December 9, 2010


I sent Paul to get some more bird seed for me today
as he had some business in the city.
I needed a wild bird seed mix and some black oil.
He called me on the way home to let me know
that the seed costs more than my $38 box of wine.
I knew it would.
(They were each 40lb bags)

So this afternoon I set out to fill my feeders.
About a dozen sparrows watched patiently from about 15 feet away.
I told them to be patient, I was coming.
Then a brave little Chickadee flew right up to the
branch that one of the feeders hung on.
He waited and watched.
I held out my hand with a handful of seed in my palm.
I stood as still as I could.
He wanted to land and eat, I know he did.
He told me he wanted to.
I think I was more skittish than he.

He almost landed. Almost.


Tara said...

Wowza your birdseed is pricey way up there! I just bought a 40lb. bag of wild birdseed for 9 bucks!

I love the chickadee pic! :0)

Earth Mama said...

Oh my that is such a wonderful picture!! So sweet you got that moment of closeness with that little chickadee! Have a wonderful weekend!


Abbie said...

Oh that is fabulous, almost! We made this elaborate bird feeding station with several kids of seed, perches, bread crumbs and dried natural berries. The birds have yet to visit it! My daughter has been so disappointed watching from the window all week with NO birds. Hoping they find it soon. We hear them whenever we go outside and can see them flying around but for some reason they just won't come to the feeders.

Dawn said...

That little Chickadee is so cute! You take beautiful photos.