Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Bits of Red

Little bits of red have been popping up all over the place around here.

In a gift from Auntie Jen which is NOT used
as a decoration as was intended, but more like
a doll who sleeps with a little girl.

Ornaments on her little tree from Christmas past.

Stockings hanging on the mantle awaiting
a jolly old elf.

A bowl of candy canes by the front door
as a proffering to anyone who knocks.

Decorations adorn nooks and crannys.

And some hang on a fresh cut tree.

What's that you say? Your children don't play
with your Christmas villages? They don't
build roads and add matchbox cars?

And this little guy and his mate
grace our dining table
and we can't help but laugh.

Yes there are little bits of red everywhere it seems.

Christmas is coming...and soon. And yet, I have a somewhat
hard time reconciling my beliefs, (which are not Christian any more)
with the season of advent and Christmas.

I want Athena to experience the anticipation
and the joy of it all to be sure.
I also feel bad celebrating a day whose very meaning
is something I do not subscribe to.

Last year we celebrated the Winter Solstice and I even
invited my older girls and their families over for
a Solstice Feast, albeit it happened days later at Christmas.

I try to find greeting cards that do not include the word Christmas
in them to send to family and friends.

It is something I am going to have to think more about
in the coming days and years even.
I want to bring joy and wonder to my littlest one
and make it all seem merry and bright.

My sister, who is not Christian either, tells me
she has always celebrated it in a secular way
and always will.
That seems okay to me and yet...
I am looking for something more.

Maybe just a celebration of the end of another year.
Maybe the return of the light.
Or maybe something somewhere in between


Earth Mama said...

Oh I loved that last part to your post...somewhere in between. I'll keep my eye out for that space this season too! Enjoy your red while it's here.


Tara said...

Your home is full of the light and joy of the season.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate I know it will be full of love!

Anonymous said...

There is so much to celebrate this time of year besides the Christian reason. Just have to decide what reason your family has to be joyful! And I am sure that isn't hard. Looks like your house is full of the wonderful feeling of the Holidays!

Dawn said...

I love all those little spots of red around your home...so pretty. What you said about this season made me think of another post I read, from someone else who doesn't subscribe to the Christian aspects of this holiday season, but has found a beautiful way to celebrate still. Here's a link...

Melissa E. said...

I love the little bowl of candy canes. I think I may try that.

My husband and I only celebrate Christmas in a secular way, as well. We don't want our son to miss out on all of the fun, but I know what you mean about feeling conflicted about celebrating a Christian holiday.

I guess every family can celebrate (or not) in their own way and it's okay. There's not one right way to celebrate this holiday season.