Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...Deep Appreciation

Oh the gifts we received this year! So thoughtful. So lovely. BEST YEAR EVER. It seemed to be the year of Art and Books, which is just wonderful in my opinion. Two of the girls were a little worried when they walked in with the same shape of gift!

From Jen and Jordan.
The pictures spell our last name.
Can you see it?

 From Jill and Clint.
A beautiful rustic bird painting on old barn board.
She knows me well.

 From my mother. I have wanted a sweater like this for so long.

 In fact, if you open my front hall closet you will find this lovely assortment
of hand knits. All made by her, beginning around 1972 or so.

 From my mom again, and Jessica and Dann. 
Lots of new recipies coming to the family table.
(Jess also gave me a lovely gift basket of
fancy schmancy food and wine, which was
dissassembled before photo time)

 For Paul, from my mom.
I wonder if it will work??

 We have an excellent collection now.
Can you tell I love Jamie Oliver recipes?

 This old barn we got second hand for Athena.
We bought it from an elderly man whose GRANDFATHER
made it for him.
I'll bet it is nearly one hundred years old.
All for the low low price of $15.

And Athena's most favorite gift.
Her horse collection who have already been named,
stables labeled and have been played with ever since.
Thank you Auntie Jen.
This gift is closely followed by the
Moon in My Room from Grandma.


Tara said...

Oh look at all the goodies!

Books are always welcome here too and cookbooks are the best.

I love the framed photos spelling your name ~ beautiful!

Sarah said...

I got that 400 Soups book, too! :)

Beautiful gifts, Michelle. Your family sounds lovely.

heather said...

wonderful gifts! you know, i have not a single jamie oliver book... need to remedy that in the new year!

speaking of, happy new year to you michelle. xoxo

Dawn said...

Happy New Year Michelle! You got some very pretty, thoughtful gifts for Christmas. I love that old barn of Athena' looks like it will be an heirloom.