Monday, January 2, 2012

A Blank Page

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Looking at that date seems almost futuristic to me somehow.
Time flies, it really does.

I love new beginnings.
Blank slates.
Clean lined loose leaf just waiting for words to be written on.

I have always made resolutions.
Some have been successful.
Some... not so much.
Still I make them.

This year I learned a new word.
Sounds much more attainable.

Not so much pressure.
Much less guilt.
Kind of zen-like.

So many areas of focus.
Lifestyle, health, spirit, relationship.
Work, education.
Yoga, meditation, nature.

So many things worthy of my attention.
Limited amount of time in a day.
Limited physical and emotional resources.

Much to share on my new journey.
A path towards a goal.
A goal of balance, well being, peace, health.
Love, above all.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

I love the new look of this blog. The word, intention, sounds so much better to me than the word, resolution. Happy New Year to you!