Monday, January 16, 2012


How could this be?
Was she not, just last week a little baby?
Or does it just seem that they grow up so fast?

She had all of her cousins sleep over the night before.
Such good girls, the lot of them.
Athena awoke to what must surely be her best gift.
Snow, from Mother Nature.
(too bad she saw fit to drop off -30C temps with it)

Still, we drove through huge snow drifts
and blowing snow to go Chickadee pishing with
the girls. It was really cold but the girls
were thrilled with it.
I am so glad I could share this with my granddaughters!

We continued from Pike Lake on to Saskatoon
for a swimming party at the Y.
Not one of the pool pictures turned out.
The kids ate cake and opened gifts.

Clearly it was a good time!
Alex and Eric, her friends from next door.

Alex is her best friend.
Unfortunately we found out that day
that he is moving to an acreage just outside of town.
Of course she did not find out.
I'll tell her as late as possible.
They are not going until late spring.

And after we got back home and all the kids had gone
we had her specially pre-ordered dinner.
Beef tenderloin, plain rice and steamed broccoli with butter.
Athena says:
"Don't worry, that is NOT wine.
It is cranberry juice.
I am not old enough to drink wine."
Just so you know.

Happy Birth Day my girl!


Tara said...

Looks like your girl had a super duper party with her friends!

Many blessings on the day ;)

denise said...

Yayyyy!!! SNOW!

Looks like a fun day. Happy 8!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Athena! (and brrrr... that's cold) :)

dawn said...

Well you said you liked the cold! ;) That sounds like a wonderful birthday for your sweet girl.