Friday, January 6, 2012

It Started Out With My Bed

This post idea started out with my bed. I am rather particular about my bed.I change the sheets every 4 days. (don't judge me) I love clean crisp sheets. Each morning I let the bed air for about an hour or sobefore I make it. I spray it with lavender, straighten the sheets
and tuck the everything in.

Something has changed in 2012 though. After a long sleepless night cuddled up with a little gal who had a bad dream in her twin sized bed, I realized something. Something life changing. So profound. After 28.5 years sleeping with a man over 6 feet tall and struggling to keep my shoulders covered, I discovered the horrid feeling of having sheets tucked in at the bottom when your feet near the edge of the bed.

Of course he had to kick the sheets out of the neatly tucked in ends. He had no choice unless
he wanted to have permanently pointed ballerina toes for the rest of his life! And no wonder I had to constantly pull the blankets up to cover myself from the chill of the night air.

But no more. Since 2012 arrived I have stopped tucking in the sheets and blankets at the bottom. (gasp) And I love it. And I sleep better for not having to fiddle with blankets
all night long.

And as I changed my sheets for the second time this week, I got to thinking that my house is so simply "outfitted". Once a sister-in-law of mine came over for the first time and after looking around asked "Where's your stuff?" And truth be told, I don't really like stuff. I don't like clutter and excess and things lying all over. My husband, on the other hand, really likes stuff. You'll note in the upcoming photos that I did NOT take pictures of the garage or most of the basement as all of his "stuff" is there. Out of my sight but not out of my mind.
Moving on...

Friday is housework day around here. I change beds, wash sheets and clean all thre bathrooms, dust and vacuum the whole place. This way I have the weekend free for whatever I want to do. (We don't homeschool on fridays) So before I did my cleaning, and yes I should have waited until after I cleaned, I took pictures for a little tour of my home.

Athena's room. A Daddy made platform for the mattress, just like in our room. The best sheets I can afford, warm blankets and as spare blanket just in case. Her reading body pillow, a shelf with favorite books, her music a bulletin board and a reading lamp. Nothing on the walls. A haven for restful sleep. She does have a glowing moon above her closet that she uses for a night light. It goes through the moon phases on one particular setting but she sets it to full each night.

My yoga studio, which I have shown you before. But look at that thrifted basket. $10. Love it.

My little altar. I found those river rocks and after years of setting them one on top of the other I finally had the idea to hot glue them together. Brilliant.

And the stick on words I ordered for the wall. Life lesson really.

And my bathroom. Paul uses the bath and shower off of the master. Athena and I share this one. And really, who on earth takes pictures of their bathrooms before cleaning day???
In this bathroom you will find soap and shampoo bar made by Renee and more essential oils and body bars by Rachel.

My living room, or front room. We switched couch and loveseats with my daughter. The fit was much better for both of us. Those antique leather topped tables belonged to my Grandparents. They are still in such good shape.

In the other corner of the room is the chaise lounge where Athena and I spend a lot of time reading aloud to each other. My laptop is stowed not so neatly underneath it.

And right across from it are the bulk of Athena's toys. Lego, wood blocks, animals, games, magnets. Open ended toys. Her Lincoln Logs and farm with horses are downstairs.

The kitchen/dining room. I know, HUGE. One of the main selling features of this house.

My desk, where I am sitting right now. My computer is there. Cook books and home management stuff are stored above.

And in the far corner of the dining room, the ever present modelling clay table, painted the same color as the walls. The girl spend hours here ever day creating her stories. Each night at bath time we have to use the nail file to clean out under her nails.

And now to the third level. ( We have a four level split. Bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Living room and kitchen on the main.) Our classroom. A common table for work. Book case, my desk, chalk board. You know, the usual suspects. In this room on the bulletin board you will find a print by Heather and another in a place not seen in the picture. On my desk you will find some postcards made by Dawn. On the shelves you will also find a book or two by Amanda. Yes I believe in supporting friends.

The other side of this level has the tv watching room with the fish tank and behind it another bathroom.

And the most teeny tiny laundry room one has ever seen. Those cupboard above the laundry pair were taken down from above the peninsula in the kitchen. Very functional.

And the fourth level houses all of Paul's junk, the mechanical room a storage room and his office. He spends several days a week down here. He built this whole thing himself, walls, cupboards and ceiling. The rest of the week he travels to and fro.

And Dawn, if you are reading this, I took this picture for you! This is where Derek's bike trainer should be. In the basement! ;)

I am very lucky to live in a place like this. Our best house ever! We have lived here almost 6 years and it would be hard to beat a place like this. It is very very big and very very functional. Perfect for a family who is home more days than not. And the perfect house for us.


Kaivalya said...

Thanks for the tour! You have a lovely home :-)

Sarah said...

Oh I love your house!

Some thoughts:

1. That is what your bathroom looks like BEFORE it's cleaned??? You don't have little boys living with you, do you? ;)

2. I LOVE Athena's clay table, and my Tulip needs one pronto. What's her favorite kind of clay to work with?

3. I can't believe you change your sheets every 4 days! I used to change ours weekly. Now.... well, never mind. ;) Lavender spray. Brilliant.

Have a beautiful weekend, Michelle!

dawn said...

Thst picture of you bedroom, with the gorgeous sunlight on the pretty! Your whole house is very pretty. I loved seeing it. We're going to an open house today- just looking. But a basement, or some other place to keep the bike on the trainer, is a must! ;) I loved seeing that card I made on your wall. You are so sweet.