Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Rhythm

Its the weekend again. The weeks seem to fly by these days. Our weather has been so warm. Plus 3C today. Unseasonably warm. Even though we lament the lack of snow, we are not big fans of freezing to death!

I wrote about our daily rhythms. How our Monday to Thursday days unfold but we have weekly rhythms too. These steady days make our home run smoothly and the atmosphere or our home is peaceful, for the most part.

Our week looks like this: (schooling not included which is Monday to Thursday)

Monday:: laundry, menu planning, Paul picks up some groceries when he is in the city.
Tuesday:: ironing, baking (not every Tuesday but when the mood strikes)
Wednesday:: clean that closet, pantry, fridge, back porch day. Whatever needs attention
Thursday:: ballet
Friday:: change beds, laundry again (I hate full laundry baskets) dust, vac, clean bathrooms.
               library day (our town has once a week delivery) and sometimes we go to the city  
               and out for lunch.

Saturday:: we often go to the city if we didn't go the day before. If the highways are bad
                    we stay home.

Sunday:: Outside day. Hiking, snowshoeing, walking the golf course. We have a big dinner
                 and Paul will build a fire in the fireplace.

Many days, Paul is away overnight for work. He has meetings in the evening several times a month for the Fire Department and also for First Responders.
Its a good rhythm and works well for us.

There are a few things I would like to add to this weekly schedule. One is baking our bread. I would love to add this to the week. Plus bread ain't cheap and I love bread.  I would also like to make dessert on Sundays. Good yummy desserts. I am not a sweets person but I would like to do this for my people! Another is to walk every day. Every day. Athena is more of an ambler but if I start out slowly with her, perhaps she will be able to keep up.
I would also like to incorporate some art time, for ME! I always get stuck at the part "what should I make?" I'll have to think a bit about this one.

This weekend will be a little more exciting!!
Athena will be 8 years old on Sunday. She is having her very first birthday party too. She has never wanted one before, preferring to avoid noisy children. This year she planned her own party. Her cousins and the two little boys from next door will be joining her at the YMCA for a pool party. You can close your eyes and imagine her singing YMCA and doing the arm actions each time she thinks about it.
She asked for a white cake with red flowers on it. Yup, Safeway took care of that one.
Should be a fun time. I'll let you know how it went.

** I don't know what is up with the formatting but I couldn't figure out how to fix it.
(all photos from google images)


Tara said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
I will imagine her singing and celebrating with flair ;)


dawn said...

Happy Birthday to Athena! I loved reading about your weekly rhythm. The weekends are my favorite because my husband is around.