Monday, August 24, 2009

Before and After

Thank you for your comments on my homeschooling post. I have decided that I will send her to school and help her to follow her own interests at home. We will have every other day together so that will be good.
This week we will be practicing eating from her lunch kit. I made some soup a half of a roast chicken sandwich, some cucumbers a slice of cheese and two small cookies, along with her water. I am going to give it to her in about 45 minutes. I am curious to see if she can open the containers, what she will eat first and if she will spill her soup. I'll let you know.
So, in preparation for school, which for her starts September 1st, we got her hair cut so it won't be a bother to her. She is an active little girl who dislikes barrettes and pony tails. Plus, she has a teeny weeny face. I think her shorter hair looks so cute and it suits her personality totally.

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Dawn said...

She's adorable!