Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Schooling?

Fall is just around the corner. I have seen a few bright gold leaves scattered on the lawn from the crab apple tree. The nights are growing cooler, the days, shorter and school is just around the corner.

Athena is so excited to start Kindergarten. Her first day is September 1st. I have been trying to put together her fall wardrobe piece by piece. It is coming. We bought her an insulated lunch kit, stainless steel water bottle, a stainless steel container to take warm food in and I searched high and low for glass sealable lunch containers. Finally found some. She is all set to go.

Here in Delisle, the kids go to Kindergarten full days, every other day. 6 long hours. Even though she lives only a few blocks from the school, the children stay for lunch as they have 40 minutes instead of an hour for lunch. Did I mention, 6 LONG HOURS?

I know she will love being with kids all day. I know she will love recess and gym class. Art and music. Aw heck, she'll love it all. This girl has such a sweet spirit. She loves learning. She is imaginative, creative, excited about every single day. She loves gardens, flowers, birds and animals. She has an unending joy in the ordinary. Yesterday we were walking to get the mail from the post office and as we walked, hand in hand, she said "Mom, isn't this a wonderful day? And isn't Delisle just the best place to live? Aren't we lucky? The only thing that would be better was if Dad came with us." Like I said, joy in the ordinary.

I'll be watching her like a hawk. I will. I'll be looking for any sign, any little change, any loss of wonder, any lack of enthusiasm. I'll home school her in a minute if I find anything "off". But, I will support her teachers, help where I can and cross my fingers that this public school thing works for her.


Jen said...

I hope it goes well for her. I think she will love it but I think the most common complaint I hear about the public school system is that they lose that enthusiasm for learning.

Dawn said...

That sounds like a great plan. I hope she loves school. Here, the kindergartners go all day every day!

Melody said...

You'll keep and eye on her and make sure that the situation is right and if at some point it isn't, you'll know and you will fix it. Everything is going to be just fine, however it plays out. :)