Monday, August 10, 2009

Day... Oh forget it

I can't even remember what day it is on the "New Me Program". I guess I'll quit titling my blog post with a number.
Things have been quite busy around here. In a good way. We have been enjoying the company of our families both immediate and extended. We have been hosting quite a few barbeque's and family sleep overs.
First, Paul's brother Gil and his wife Carol came to Delisle, from Regina, for one night. We ate dinner on the deck under our ever useful, oh so wonderful, keeps the bugs and sun out canopy. They have 3 adult children who still live at home so I think it was nice for them to come up. It was nice for us too. We hardly see them so it was great to catch up.

A few short days later, my brother Mike, his wife Kendra and their little gal Ella came for the day. They brought my Mom with them. Mike and Paul went golfing on our town golf course and the rest of us sat outside. We had dinner together and they headed back to Regina later that night.

We made a trip down to Regina (as you may have guessed, we are from Regina originally and that is where our families still live. Most of them anyway. Hi Lyse.) My sister Tamara and her husband Craig hosted a family BBQ/golf/ hot tub for the wee ones party. Oh it was great! The food was yummy, the company fantastic. It was hotter than you know where but as soon as the sun went down it was glorious. Athena had loads of fun in the hot tub, which they graciously allowed to get full of grass, mosquito spray and sunscreen, not to mention four little ladies. I wish I would have taken a picture but I didn't.

And just this past weekend, we had my other sister Keri, her husband Don, and their kids Katie, Nick and Eric for the night. Paul and Don golfed, as usual, and then we ate outside under the canopy of course and we had a fire in the fire pit, over which the boys and Paul roasted marshmallows. Eric who is 11, I think, played with Athena the entire time. Not unlike my other niece Olivia, from North Carolina, who also played with her non-stop when we were there last spring. It was so great to have them. It is so refreshing to be around genuinely good kids. These kids are really really nice and polite and kind. Good job Keri and Don.

Later in the evening the moon rose and it was so beautiful. It has been that way a lot lately. Again, no pictures but I will enclose one or two from a couple of nights back. I think it is called a Corn Moon in August. Am I mistaken? Anyway, Katie, Eric and I walked onto the 7th hole of our golf course which is right across the street and just stared at it. Amazing.

And alas, Paul is back to work. That means he goes downstairs to his office most of the day, unless he is making calls or out of town on business. And I am in an organizing/cleaning/de-cluttering way. I tackled both of our fridges today. I have a before and after of the main one. Time to get groceries? I am ashamed to mention that I haven't cleaned the downstairs fridge once in the 3 years we have lived here. Hey, it is mainly a beer fridge. How dirty can it be? I have more plans for cleaning in the days and weeks to come. I always thought fall cleaning was more expedient as everything gets so dirty and dusty and sandy in the summer.

"Super Fun Program", as Athena calls it, resumes tomorrow. Three days this week. Three days next. I'll be able to get back up into the yoga studio this week, which is good, cuz... I need it.I am starting to stiffen up already and I have only been off the mat for a week. I look forward to that.

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Dawn said...

Great job on the 'fridge! That's what I've been doing lately...organizing. Glad you had some fun visits with friends and family.