Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Paul picked the crab apples off of the tree on Sunday afternoon. The ones he could reach anyway. I was determined to use them this year. Last year they were quite small and hail damaged. This year the weather has been much too cool for hail. The apples were larger without damage.

So I turned this:

Into these:

Not quite as much as I had hoped but 4-500 ml jars of Crab apple jelly would have cost me about $25 at the Farmers Market so all was not lost. I used to make a lot of jams, preserve peaches and pears, even made my own Mayonnaise and syrup and such. That was way back then. One disappointing note, I wasn't in the kitchen to hear the oh so satisfying 'ping' of the jars sealing.

Oh, and just look at what came in the mail today from Amanda. I can't wait to look through it to see which projects I'll try first.
And by the look of these pictures, my camera lens needs a cleaning. I'm off to do that right now.

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Dawn said...

The crabapple jelly looks so pretty! Enjoy your new book. I need to order that one. I know I'll love it.