Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 22, 23, 24 Holidays

Today is actually Day 24. 24 days already.
Little progress has been made this week, if any.
Why? Why, indeed. My dear husband, Paul, is on holidays. On his first day I came downstairs for breakfast and he asked why I was dressed in my yoga clothing. "Because I want to practice today". "Oh", says he. "But I am on holidays." Humph.

As I told Kai in an email this night, he wants me to be with him every minute. Every minute that he isn't golfing, that is. Aah, to be a man on holidays. How come I don't get holidays? In fact, today he biked for an hour and a half, albeit, he took Athena with him. Then he had lunch. Athena wanted to watch Snow Buddies on TV and then he got some "love". After that he golfed for a couple hours, had a few beer on the deck, had a nap on the hammock, ate dinner and now is out with his old Firefighter buddies for wings and more beer. How sweet is that? Yes, he says I am the perfect wife. Disgruntled? Yes. Perfect? No. Anyway...

We have done a bit of bike riding this week. We went out of town on the grids and up some hills. I barely made it. Okay, truth be told, I walked halfway up the second hill with my bike. I actually had to spit when I got to the top. Totally disgusting, I know. At the top of the aforementioned hill stands the Delisle Cemetery. We have driven by many times but never stopped. Today we did. I walked down the rows of the dead. Dead way too soon. More than a handful of families lost children before they were 5 years old. More than a handful lost more than one child. Keep in mind, the number of people who live here now is less than 900. These deaths were recorded in the early 1900s. How sad. I further noticed that so many husbands and wives died in their 40's. Several were younger than Paul and I am. So sad. We are very lucky that we live in this time. Very lucky.

The weather has been on the cool side, especially for this time of year. We haven't broken 20 degrees in days. I have actually had to turn on the furnace in the mornings a few times because I kept the windows open all night. Furnace in August? Come on. I hesitate to complain because if you have read this blog for any amount of time, or my previous one, you would know that I am not a fan of hot weather. Thank goodness we didn't move to Olathe Kansas like we planned. I don't know how I would have handled that heat.

The mosquitoes are dreadful now too. We cannot risk walking outside without slathering our bodies with mosquito spray. My natural sprays only work for a short time now. We are using Family Off. We still have to re-apply often. Makes one want to stay inside. We eat organic food, use organic body products, drink Reverse Osmosis purified water and then put DEET all over ourselves. I know, sounds crazy, but is West Nile Virus worth getting? No. I thought not.

So, that is my abbreviated update to this series of posts on "The New Me". Next week Paul is back to work and Athena is back to her Summer Playground Program and so I shall resume taking care of myself.

I wish I got holidays...


Kaivalya said...

Can you sneak in a practice while he's off playing golf? It doesn't always have to be a long one. Sometimes, I only managed about 15 minutes of floor poses. Occasionally, these floor poses are done in the T.V. room while watching a movie. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wish I got holidays too. Dann says I get days off all the time, but my days off are spent catching up on the laundry, the dishes, cleaning the house, etc. Sometimes people don't realize that just because taking care of a household isn't a "real job" that it's not just sitting around the house; doesn't mean it's not hard work!

Dawn said...

I totally get what your saying about holidays and men. ;) Same thing happens around here.
Those mosquitoes sound horrible! You definitely do not want to get West Nile. I've yet to find a natural mosquito repellent that works well either, if you ever find one...I'd love to know about it.