Friday, January 15, 2010

6 Years Old

Happy 6th Birthday Athena
I know it is cliche to say it, but time really does fly by quickly.

Wasn't she just born? Didn't she just start walking? Didn't she just start Kindergarten? Oh, wait, she did just start Kindergarten.

This little girl has brought so much joy to out lives. Joy beyond measure. We couldn't have seen it coming.
A truly unique child, this one is. Like I've said before, she can amuse herself for hours with a piece of string or a rock.

She hums all day long. She imagines. She dreams. She is a really good child and I don't say that about too many children.

She lost her first tooth this week. Of course, it is lost in the snow somewhere. We'll never find it.

She is a sweet sweet spirit. One who I am lucky enough to be able to guide through this life.
What an unexpected beautiful gift we have been given.


Jen said...

She is a truly good child. Happy Birthday Athena!

Dawn said...

What sweet pictures, and beautiful sentiments these are! Happy Birthday Athena.