Friday, January 29, 2010

Olympic Spirit

We are not a sports family. Not at all. We like to participate. Kind of. We like skating, hiking, biking, walking, yoga, swimming and snowshoeing. We have yet to snowshoe this year as we have little snow in the fields. Paul plays hockey and does some mountain biking. Now he lifts weights and runs. He runs a lot.

I don't think we plan to watch the Olympics. Maybe bobsled because Athena learned about it at school. But, we are all about the Olympic Mascots these days.

We were in the store and she saw the three mascots. Key ring stuffed mascots. For TEN dollars each. She said she would use her piggy bank money if she could please have one. She chose Miga.

Then yesterday we looked on the official website of the Vancouver 2010 Games and found a cut out of Sumi. Which I put together.

And today, I had the idea to create a Quatchi out of some scrap felt. He turned out okay if you don't look closely at my "hurry and get this done blanket stitching".

I had never heard of these mascots but apparently kids in Kindergarten at Delisle Elementary watch a lot of You Tube. (sigh) In fact, when she was telling me their names, she thought they were Zoomy, Meeka and Crotchy. I am glad the name is not indeed Crotchy.

You can check out the cute video here.

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Dawn said...

I like the little Quatchi that you made...glad he's not names "Crotchy". ;) My kids enjoyed that video.