Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year!

We have been busy as you all were I am sure. We had a great Christmas/Solstice party with all of the girls and their guys coming home. The food was good. The children had loads of fun. Everything was just as it should be. Having our get together took some pressure off of me to serve the perfect Christmas dinner. Beef tenderloin is so easy to prepare and so delicious. It was the most relaxed get together I think we have ever had.
And the next day all signs of Christmas had disappeared from my house. All that is, except for all of the gingerbread men and chocolates still left to be eaten. I am sure they will end up in the garbage as we are not sweets type of people. I had to at least pretend to do some baking.

The weather has been oh so cold and we have so little snow that Paul has barely shovelled. Once or twice tops. With the cold and the lack of snow, our snowshoes sit in the basement waiting to be used. I wish that we lived somewhere with much more snow and much milder winter temperatures, like... the east coast maybe?
I have been asked by four people already what my New Year's Resolutions are. It seems I have had little chance to even think about it. This coming up year has the potential to be one of the most difficult yet. So with that potential change, I would really need to cultivate a spirit of peace and simplicity and joy.
Another thing I am going to work on is healthy eating every day, and that includes cutting waaaaaaaaay back on the wine.

I would also like to read more. A lot more. Not so many parenting books and homeschooling manuals and cook books. More fiction.
I am getting more serious about my yoga practice this year. So far so good. Yoga practice every day. And geesh, my 75 minute practice has been a little tough to get back into these past 3 days. Worth it though, even though I felt like crying more than once on day two. ;)
So lets see, I suppose my resolution/intention this year is to create a healthy mind/body/spirit.
Sounds good to me.
And tomorrow we are off to Regina to care for Abby and Josie while Jen and Jord are away to Mexico. Should be a spectacular week to quit drinking wine and cultivate peace. Of course with 3 little ones I'll have lots of time to read and practice yoga too. Wish me luck.
Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

Your table is gorgeous! I wish I had been a guest.


Dawn said...

I hope you have a great week in Regina. Your resolutions for 2010 sound perfect.

Such a beautiful table!

wandi said...

Good luck Michelle. I know you will be okay. You've done the raising of 3 little girls before. I'm sure it will go well! I know that Josie and Abby love you very much! See you Friday!

Anonymous said...

yes, I can't get over how beautiful your table setting is. enjoy the yoga!