Monday, January 18, 2010


I did everything I could this morning to avoid my yoga practice. I walked around the house looking for any little thing that needed to be done. I had pencilled in "Yoga" on today's To-do list. Twice more for the week. I did not want to practice.

After finding nothing that required my urgent attention, I finally changed and went up to the studio. I plugged in my little TV/VCR and looked through the spines of all the tapes I had. I couldn't muster the gumption to do the whole 75 minute yoga practice I had been doing. Relaxation yoga? No. Meditation? No. Upper body? Lower body? Power Yoga? No, no and no.

I finally decided to go with Sacred Yoga, Vinyasa Flow for Beginners, featuring Rainbeau Mars.

Lo and behold, it was exactly what I needed. It was so good to practice with a beginner's mind. Detailed instruction, as if I had never done the asanas before. New voice. New perspective. It only lasted 40 minutes but that was okay. I felt light, refreshed, renewed. She kept reiterating something like let go of the things that no longer serve you. Interesting indeed.

I will get back to a more rigorous practice later in the week, but today she met me right where I was at. And it was good.

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Dawn said...

I do that same stall technique when I know that I need to exercise. ;) Good for you, for getting past that and finding a just right yoga practice for the day.