Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Year of Lovely Things

My Mom used to knit. She used to sew. She used to do ceramics and decoupage. She used to do a lot of things. And now that she is a retired school teacher/Vice Principal... she doesn't do any of those things anymore.Until now!

She started knitting again and as luck would have it, Athena was the first recipient of her handwork. Lucky us! She chose to make this lovely pullover sweater with a hood. It is so bright and beautiful. It is very soft and comfy.

It is a little too big for Athena but we don't care. She can wear it longer.

You might remember this post. She made that siwash for one of my sisters probably 35 years ago. The sweater is still as lovely as it was back then. Perhaps even more lovely as it has been passed down over time. Through the years. From generation to generation.
Made with love and oh so appreciated.

Thanks Mom!


Dawn said...

That does look a like a beautiful, warm, and cozy sweater! Lucky Athena, that her grandmother has taken up knitting again. :)

wandi said...

Beautiful! Looks so cozy. I love hand made things that are made with love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle
You're the only one who would appreciate it. The others hate knitted things.