Monday, February 8, 2010

Backyard Rink

We finally tested out the backyard rink. Of course, Paul had to make it bigger and better than the fill and freeze 10 x 20 foot one we bought. He didn't think it would be any good because it isn't as smooth as ice in an arena. I thought it would be better for a little one just learning to skate. More traction for the blades.Turns out, I was right! My goodness, did she ever skate.

She was even trying to do some spins and some moves with her leg raised at the back, repeatedly asking me if she was "figger skating".

The temperature with the windchill was -33 but she didn't care. I did, just a wee bit. I felt so confident in her ability to remain upright that I even went into the front yard to fill all the bird feeders. After about 45 minutes of skating and falling, skating and falling, her ice time turned from this:

To this:

And this:

Poor little love. She is undeterred. Wapping ones face straight on the ice is a minor event.
Not to mama. Today we are headed to Walmart for a cage for her helmet. The very helmet that saved my little one from cracking her head open and requiring stitches. Oh the perils of childhood.


Jen said...

Aw! Poor thing. But way to skate Athena! I need to get Abby out there once we get some warmer temps.

Anonymous said...

Poor little face!
By the way I have about 23 pictures of you scanned into the computer.

Dawn said...

Yikes! She must be one tough girl. Good thing she was wearing a helmet.

perches said...

Bad falls are so terrifying when you're a mom. But way to go on having the helmet. Her first skating attempt (before the fall) look pretty awesome. I'll bet she'll be a big fan of the ice events for the Winter Olympics. And can I just say HOW COOL that you have your own ice rink!! I seriously covet that idea and will try it when we finally buy a house/yard.

wandi said...

Poor little honey.Thank goodness for the helmet. She really did look like a figger skater! Good job Athena!