Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegetarian Comfort

Soup Day. I would love to have soup day around this house.
I only see one problem. The only soup Athena likes is Lipton Chicken Noodle. LIPTON CHICKEN NOODLE!
Me, I love soup. All kinds of soup. Cream soups. Tomato based. Pureed. Chicken soup. Tomato macaroni soup. Carrot Habanero soup. You cook it, I'll eat it. Well, no soup with pork. Or beef. Wait, I like Borscht so cancel that last one.

And then there is mushroom soup.So creamy, earthy, hearty.

And what is soup for supper without a little salad. Seared Haloumi Cheese with roasted red peppers. Drizzled with Olive oil and lemon.

And bread. Home made bread.

That's what I call Soup Day!


Bluebird said...

We have soup day whenever I feel I have the whole afternoon to spend putting it to-gether and letting it simmer. I did do this often in my younger years but as a Senior I now need to be able to handle a longer meal prep time so have to pick a good day for soup day. My husband loves soup day.

perches said...

Everything looks delicious, such a lucky household :)