Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Since the new year arrived I have been thinking more and more about creativity. More specifically, my creativity. I know it is within me, waiting for me to give it expression. But then there is the "if I can't make it look just how I imagine then I am not even going to attempt it" me who often wins over.

I am really excited about the Inside Out Course I am going to take, but that doesn't begin until April. Instead, I am slowly letting my creative side manifest itself, no matter the out come. This is not easy.

When I was a girl, I used to draw and write long stories. And play the piano. A lot. And now, my creativity is mostly expressed through cooking. I dabble in knitting. I have made some Waldorf Wee Felt Folk. I do some sewing too. Paul bought me an artists easel a few years back, complete with all sorts of paints, brushes and canvases. I used it once, about a year after. I attempted to copy another artists method, failed, and put the whole lot back into the closet. I really really want to bring it back out.

My daughter Jill bought me some charcoal pencils, drawing pencils and some sketch pads. I remember having a few sketch pads all filled up with whatever I wanted. Not any more. But this past weekend, I took it out, and USED it! Of course I was not thrilled with my initial attempts but so what? I did it, I loved it and I will most definitely do it more often.

Athena used the water color pencils and she was so excited with the result. She has no fear of a piece turning out poorly, she just takes joy in the doing of it. JOY IN THE DOING OF IT. A good lesson for me.

So the weekend was one of bringing beauty into being by several different methods. It was so relaxing and so... joyful. I even had some time to go on the elliptical trainer and practice yoga. We did some weaving with a "new to us" loom from ebay, some Lincoln Log construction. Some Mandala coloring from Threading Light.

We even made some time to ride exercise bikes and I did some Yoga as well. (FYI I nailed Revolved Triangle and Half Moon asanas. Just goes to show you how a balanced life leads to more balance in the poses.)

Couple that with a glorious Crab leg and Beef Tenderloin feast made completely by my dear husband. Dessert of Harden and Huyse Chocolates. Some Petit Syrah. A roaring fire and you have the makings of bliss here folks.


Anonymous said...

Did you sketch those birds? Good job!

Anonymous said...

yes, the birds are so incredible. balance, creativity, etc.... I am longing for these things as well.

perches said...

Love your bird drawing!