Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Break

Yes, I called it a weekend break. What else could it have been? My house was totally cleaned, top to bottom on Friday and yet as I sit here this morning it looks as if a tornado blew through it.

I started to clean the toy closet. I wanted to weed them out. Only keep the really good stuff. But, alas, I got lost in old photo albums and folders of loose pictures. My memory box full of items from as far back as 1980. Mementos of the man I was sure to marry. I knew I would marry him at the tender age of 15. (I did, by the way almost 27 years ago). In the box was a piece of the wrapping paper from the first gift he ever bought me. Some cheesy craft that said "P & M". Pictures of us, taken on an old film camera when we were very young. Also in the box were every single letter he had ever written to me from his travels. Being married to a salesman means you sleep alone. A lot.

Needless to say, the toy closet did not get cleaned. Boxes half full, sat on my sewing table all weekend. Athena's slippers and movie watching blanket were strewn on the floor of the family room. Paul had a sweater hanging on the back of my computer chair and there are wood chips and bark pieces all around the fire place and his gym bag was thrown by the back door, its contents spewn all about. See, I told you a tornado struck. ( Yes, I am that crazy about having a clean home.)

The reason the house seemed so askew this morning is that we had way too much fun this weekend.

The weather was warm, relatively speaking, especially if you stayed out of the wind.

We built forts.

Paul taught Athena to play shinny.

I baked an apple pie that turned out to be disastrous that all I will let you see are the before pictures. (Note to self: Do Not Mess With Grandmas Pie Crust Recipe!)

We went to the city for lunch. We ate calamari and sushi. Walked around the book store and visited my daughter Jill and granddaughter Eden. And Eden presented me with the most thoughtful gift ever. She found a dried up Oak leaf outside her school and picked it up to give to me. She knows it is Grandma's favorite leaf. Her mother didn't. Hmm?

We spent a lot of time in front of the fire and I am pretty sure I drank an extra glass or two of wine. I don't know what it is with me but as soon as Paul starts a fire I head for the wine rack. Good thing winter is almost over. ;) We played, we snuggled and read the first six chapters of Stuart Little, by E.B. White. She is loving it I tell ya.

I made that Mac and Cheese I was talking about and we ate some beef tenderloin steaks with grilled shrimp. And the pie... well, Paul will chip away at it this week. If it ain't great, it ain't worth eatin'.

And now it is Monday afternoon. The laundry is done. The sheets are changed.The toy closet all done. The house is clean and Athena is at school. All back to the everyday weekday. Happy Days!


Dawn said...

Those do sound like happy days. My house gets pretty messy on the weekends, and Mondays are for playing catch up. That's so sweet about you and your husband. I didn't realize you were high school sweethearts!

Anonymous said...

Family & fun are way more important than a clean house.