Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Road Trip

Athena and I drove to Regina again last weekend so we could see Daddy. It was a long week. And this past week has been a whirlwind as well. We had guests all weekend, Paul bought a boat. Yes, a boat. And no, we don't go to the lake often, if at all. I guess we will now. And to top off all of this busyness it snowed this morning and continues to snow as I type this.
In extraordinary news, the widower across the street has offered me his huge sunny garden to use for the season. Another neighbor offered the use of his tiller and a third the use of his water for the garden. Only in a small town I tell you. I don't think I could even move back to the city. Not ever.
And my first picture... I found that drawn on the fence after Athena shouted 'Pigeon at the wheel!" If you don't know the book, by Mo Willems, click here and see how accurate her chalk drawing is.


Tara said...

How exciting - you will have all the help you need for your garden this year! We'll begin preparing our raised beds in a few weeks - I can't wait to start :0)

P.S. Athena's drawing is spot on.

Dawn said...

I love Athena's chalk drawing. You have such wonderful neighbors! Have fun with your garden this summer. That snow needs to go away now. ;)