Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Schooling and Learning Notes

I love home schooling. I love it. The more I think about it the better I think it is. It is so "learner specific" in so many way. Although we have been only home schooling for a month or so I am thoroughly convinced we made the right decision. In fact, when I think about little Athena sitting inside a classroom for 6 long hours every day in a room full of children with no open windows, no direct sunlight, no fresh air, no room to think, dream or imagine I am a little embarrassed that I even sent her to school in the first place. I knew better and I knew I knew better. And now I am posting my Learning Notes, unabashedly borrowed from Sarah.

Learning Notes: April 12-15 (not planning school days of Fridays)

Language Arts:

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) upper case letters
Matching upper and lower case letters
Reviewed Bob Books 1 and 2. Introduced and read aloud 3 and 4 (the sparkle in Athena's eyes when she sounds out a word on her own is priceless)

Memory Work:
Read poem The Violet by William Wordsworth
Illustrated and copied poster of The Violet
Memorized and recited the poem and its author


Read books about pond life, tadpoles and frogs.
Researched frog sounds on You Tube.
Read several spring poems and books.
Read The Story About Ping several times and had her re-tell from memory in her own words.

Copy Work:
Copied poem and simple sentences from Bob Books


Drew several pictures in her notebook (her own choice) and then she dictated a few lines about the picture which I wrote in her book.
Athena made several other pictures as well. This week she was into kangaroos.
(Once upon a time there was a little frame who always wanted a picture. She was too beautiful to have a picture. The little frame learned its lesson. The end.)

Matching math numerals to equal amounts of objects 0 - 10
Number recognition and ordering.
Practiced throwing and catching a ball while counting to 20.
Practiced and made up patterns with objects and numbers.
Counting backwards from 10 - 0.

Listened to Mozart and her Classical Music for Kids each day.

She also watched a video from Brain Pop about spring. (Thanks Tara)
Spent some time on Starfall.
Went for a one hour walk every day, even in the pouring rain.
Identified bird species on the way from sight and their songs. The Grackles are back. (Yuk).
And on today's walk we found some moss growing in the rocks outside the fire hall and since she had her bike with a basket on it, we took a lot of it and filled her basket to take home. (this is allowable). When she was filling the basket with the lovely green moss she said "If people see us with a basket full of moss, they'll think we are the COOLEST people in the world!" Indeed. Then she said she'd take it home and plant it, give it plenty of sunshine and water. Then we talked about how moss likes only shady spots. Like I said, I love home schooling. All in all a great week even though Daddy has been away since Monday.


Tara said...

Looks to me as though Athena enjoys drawing - her artwork is great! Yeah... Brainpop is the best :0)

Sarah said...

What a fabulous, fabulous week!!!

Dawn said...

That does sound like a great week of homeschooling! My daughter pulled most of the moss of the rocks in my backyard to use as a "carpet" in her fort. I really liked my mossy rocks though, so I hope it grows back quickly.