Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You'd Think

You'd think I would have it somewhat together by now. I am 44 (almost 45) years old for Pete's sake. You'd think that after all of these years as a Mother and after all those previous years of Home schooling that I would be able to put something together for Athena for first grade. You'd think I could do it easily. You'd think.

My head is spinning! Math U See, Saxon Math, History, Phonics, Spelling, Reading,Science. Not to mention Art and Music. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!

Whatever it is that is making me so indecisive, so confused, so CRAZY, I wish it would stop. I need to clear my head. Think logically. Calm down. Collect information. And then I just need to choose and go with it. See what happens.

But then again, maybe its menopause. Good grief.


Anonymous said...

The more time you spend worrying and stressing about it, the less time you have to actually do it! Jess

Tara said...

There are many choices out there for curriculum - too many really but keep in mind you can always revise!!

As one of my homeschooling bloggers says " there are no education emergencies" so breath and smile :0)

Dawn said...

There are a lot of choices. As long as I was happy with the way something was working, I would tend to close my eyes to everything else out there...or I'd go crazy!

Sarah said...

I agree with Dawn- at some point, choosing something and then closing your eyes to the best seems like the best path. It's this information age, I tell you- we have so many options, we are never sure we can really settle and be content! Sending hugs your way, I definitely have been there!