Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wheelin' and Dealin'

So yesterday, Paul goes to call on several Hutterite colonies. Shrewd business men the lot of them. Anyway, at the last colony John (yes, many of them are named John), who obviously wants a deal on his system is trying to butter Paul up.

"So Paul, you want some chickens." (Read all quotations with a Low German accent)

Yes, he does.

"How many do you want?" says John the Hutterite.

He ordered 6 he'll take six.

When they are alone with the "chicken man" John says "Now how many do you really want?" , offering to throw in some extras for free.

"And do you want some ducks or geese?" Says John.

No my wife would never eat those.

"How about potatoes?" John asks.

Yes we'll take some.

"And strawberries? Buns?" John says.

"And Paul, take some wine." he adds.

Paul asks what kind of wine and why two bottles.

"The small one is for your pocket Paul" John whispers. "Have a few nips on your way back home."

And you thought Hutterites were pious Christian folk who would never do anything that wasn't on the level didn't you?

PS We got a 50lb bag of potatoes, a few pounds of strawberries, 2 dozen farm fresh eggs, some buns, 2 bottles of wine (more like Port Paul says) and 7 chickens.

PPS We only paid for 6 chickens. Each are about 7lbs and we paid $6 a piece AND they are the most tender, juicy chickens I have ever eaten.

PPPS Don't even know if Paul gave him a deal on his water system or not.

Happy Weekend!


Dawn said...

Sound like a great deal!

Zack said...

Wow! Hutterites are awesome, eh? And how bout' that wine? hehehe