Thursday, January 6, 2011

Artistic Design

I have always wanted to paint pictures.
I don't know what makes me think that I can.
When I was in elementary school I sketched a bit.
And I was okay at it.

The other day Paul took out my easel and set it up in
a prominent spot so I could easily get to it.
Truth be told, staring at that blank canvass intimidates me
more than anything else.

Early that same morning, he also gave Athena a small canvass to paint on.
 Later in the day, I got out the acrylics and put them into anempty egg carton for her.
She got set up. Put her paint shirt on and immediately started
to draw on the blank space.


Soon after, she was filling in the picture with the paints.
Carefully. CARELESSLY.
I asked her how she does it.
How does she just start a painting without even thinking about it?

She said "You think I didn't think about it but I did.
I just saw it in my head and I made it."

If only.
If only I was courageous enough to do that.
If only I was carefree enough to do that.
If only I had the vision to do that.
If only I had the innocence and perspective of a child.
If only.


Sarah said...

Oh, the bold courage of a child with a paintbrush.

How I wish...

Dawn said...

You can do it! Go for it! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think about what you want to paint. Pick a color and start moving your brush- even if it turns out incredibly abstract- let what you paint be what you're feeling at the time. If I plan a painting before starting- it turns out horrible and I'm always dissappointed. So, just move your paintbrush! Jess