Monday, January 17, 2011

Pursuing the Arts

Ever since writing this post, (and after Paul put my intimidating easel away), I have been thinking about my lack of courage when it comes to creating artwork. I have the desire to create and goodness knows I have enough art supplies to get an excellent start. What I don't have is... vision, I guess.  And then I read this post over at Shivaya Naturals. I was totally inspired. I thought that this was something Athena and I could do. And we did.

It was not difficult at all and in fact, was rather fun! First of course I put Bob Seger on the CD player, cranked a touch too loud. Then we painted and I sang along. No expectations. It was the first time I used my acrylics that Paul had bought me years ago. Luckily they had not dried out. What a nice paint to work with.

This is what we came up with.

Athena is always painting, drawing, coloring and creating. Some examples follow:

Above is the pigeon from the Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the bus.

I am sure you can recognize this guy.

And today we experimented with poster paints which are not nice to work with. You may recognize my painting is based on the cover of the book Owl Moon, which is one of Athena's favorites. I like the cover of that book so much and have always wanted to paint it. I think I will paint it again, but using a canvas and acrylics and hope for a better result.

My artistic goal is to just try to paint or draw. Just try without expectation or judgement. I think those are both my stumbling blocks when it comes to art. What I am finding out is that it can be just plain fun!


Jen said...

Those winters scenes are great! And I love those ones you did using negative space, or whatever that was called. I might even try that!

Good work Mom and A!

Tara said...

Your paintings came out very well ~ strong graphics and colors with a lot of interest.

Athena's are great as well and she looks so happy standing at the easel :)

Dawn said...

It is fun! Isn't it? I can see the playfulness in your painting. I like it!