Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny again this week for
Yarn Along 56. At least is seems that way.
This is the very same sweater that I posted about way
back when on the first Yarn Along.

It is STILL the Elizabeth Zimmermann Tomten Jacket.
It is still the garter stitch, row upon row of which I am growing
quite weary.

In fact, I am kind of hating this sweater before I have even worn it.
It seems as if I have been knitting it forever, and
I have.

 I have only about one third of a sleeve yet to complete.
And a small collar.
And to put the zipper in.
But still. I cannot wait to finish it and yet
I dread to pick up the needles to do so.

 And on to the reading.
As we are well into the school year I am
doing a little check point on our progress
by reading this Home Learning book.
Just making sure we are covering all the bases
and not leaving anything important out.

 And in personal reading, I am just starting out with this book.
Thank you Heather.
I read one portion as I sit on the mat
in preparation for my daily yoga practice.
So far I am really enjoying it.

But my feet are freezing!!
I have a whole basket of yarn waiting for me
to make my winter slippers.
At this rate, I won't be able to start them until spring.
Not to mention I am in need of new dishcloths as well.
If I can only finish this darned sweater.


Tara said...

I love Rebecca Rupp's Home Learning book - use it at the beginning of our year for planning.

Good luck with the sweater ~ it looks really great so far!

Lyse, Ebony, and Olivia said...

Wow -- that sweater is great. I love the colours.

I just saw a new book you might be interested in called Poser: My life in twenty-three yoga poses by Claire Dederer -- it is getting very good reviews.

Kathryn said...

The sweater is going to be awesome and I admire you for sticking with it...I'm afraid I'm guilty of setting projects aside and then I never finish. I'd much rather enjoy the finished project, hang in there!

Gretchen R said...

I'm worried about the same thing with the sweater I'm working on. I'm worried I'll despise it by the time I'm done with it. Making things for little ones has so much more instant gratification!

TwigandToadstool said...

Good for you for sticking to it! I'm afraid of starting a sweater...don't know if I could handle it!
Great book recommendations as well...I'm always on the lookout for homeschool inspiration!
xo maureen

S/V Marihalojen said...

Beautiful sweater! I'm thinking of trying an EZ pattern, but for a little newborn. Do you leave your mat out all the time? I'm thinking if I found a corner and did, maybe I'd actually do it (rather than just think about it!).

Swanski said...

Your hate will turn to love when you can wear it :) Have fun knitting!

Anke said...

I think we've all been there and had a project that seemed to drag on forever. Your sweater is going to be so pretty though, the colors are great!

cp said...

i love tomten sweaters!
(and i love the tomten book!)
everything looks lovely well done!

Michelle said...

Yes, I do leave my mat out.I am lucky enough to have a home yoga studio so I am able to. It does make it so much easier.

Dawn said...

I like the colors in your sweater. I'm knitting a sweater that has been in progress for about six months now. Right now, I just want to send it to my mom to finish. ;)