Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Help.

Yes, it has been one of those days today. You know the ones that start out kind of "off" and just regress from there. That, my friends, is how today has been and continues to be.

We are pet sitting our daughter's puppy, which I forgot about until this morning as I was stumbling in the darkness to the bathroom and was greeted by a little Yorkie jumping up on me with wet licks. Oh joy. She is a good dog though and has only chosen to use the living room carpet for a spot to pee once. (read with sarcasm)

But that is not the worst part of it. Its my little one. I found it near to impossible to keep her focus on her school work this morning. She struggled with her reading, the math seemed more like rocket science to her rather than the concept of ordering that we have been working on and that she was doing well at. When I tried to get her to do a small amount of copy work you'd have thought I was asking her to translate an entire Tolstoy novel. And so... I gave up and let her do her own thing. (No TV or computer though for the rest of the day). Oh the lovely joys of home schooling. Some days... and I am sure you can all relate to that.

So, it is just past 1pm and I sent her upstairs to get ready to go out and play in the snow with the pup. That was 15 minutes ago and I hear her Lego being snapped together. The girl is just so distracted today. I am sure it'll be another 15 minutes until she has her clothes on and is ready to go. Deep sigh. I am off to shovel the driveway as dear husband is out of town today and didn't manage the job yesterday. Then Athena has her monthly 4H meeting for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Which leads me to this...

My sanctuary for which I am so grateful. This is my favorite place in my home. I have been practicing my yoga almost every day for weeks now and I am continually drawn into its walls. I started an informal meditation practice as well and that is more difficult than it sounds but I am already feeling its benefits.

 It gives me serenity.



And on days like this one, I can't wait to lock myself away and escape.


Tara said...

Having a calm, quiet place to retreat to is a blessing.

Those Lego bricks can be a big distraction ~ they sure are for my boy..LOL. Here's wishing you better days.

Anonymous said...

Did you get the snow you wanted?

Michelle said...

Not yet. But maybe tomorrow. Supposed to get 10cm.

Anonymous said...

Your yoga space looks so lovely! I intended to do some pilates today, and you have reminded me to make sure it happens tomorrow. Thank you :)