Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long Gone

It occurred to me the other day that I had not seen a
single bird around the feeders in days.
I am quite used to filling feeders every 2 or 3 days.

It is not uncommon to see flocks of sparrows
covering the ground, scrounging for food.
The lone Grackle who did not migrate this year
is no longer feeding in the open.

The Chickadees who are always prolific in winter
have been away all week.

The Collared Dove is nowhere to be seen.
The weather has been very warm this week too
so I don't understand where they are?
Or shall I say didn't understand until yesterday.

We were out in the yard by the back pine trees and noticed a
plethora of bird feathers scattered all over the snow.
It was then that I realized why there were no birds in the yard.
This guy moved in late last week.

The  hungry Merlin.
He has been here in years past
but his presence was not so apparent as this year.
I see him diving and swooping and alighting on tree branches
in the yard.
In fact, I think he sleeps in a tall spruce right out front.

Oh I hope he moves along soon.
Can you just imagine a summer without songbirds?
No, nor can I.

Pictures above:
Hummingbird in Cedar
Snow Geese
taken during fall migration.
Decidedly not sparrows, chickadees, grackles and doves.

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Tara said...

we've got the usual gaggle of blue jays, juncos and mourning doves around the feeder. i am hopeful that more exotic species will show up this summer though!