Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Gifts Ever

This has been a good year. Yes, I know, it is only the first week of January but still...
We have been spending a record number of hours outdoors and I couldn't be happier. Did I ever mention to you that I love winter? Didn't think so. So let me say, I LOVE winter.

In fact, I'll find any excuse to go outside. The bird feeders need to be filled. The driveway has to be shoveled. The garbage needs to go to the curb. Any reason at all. Today, little miss A and I went snowshoeing for nearly 2 hours.  We traversed hills and dale. Navigated bush and trees. We crossed no less that 3 sets of barbed wire fence. First I had to show her how to step on the bottom stringer and hold the middle stringer so I could maneuver through. She did well!

We followed rabbit trails in hopes to find one. No luck. We saw deer trails as well. She was hoping to find a wolf. No luck there either. (Just so you know, wolf packs are found at least 2 hours north of our home but that did not dampen her hopes.) What fun. What exercise!! I think I may have trouble walking tomorrow. My yoga practice will likely not contain standing poses.

All of this reminded me of two of the best gifts I got this Christmas but neglected to mention. Athena bought me a black mushers hat, not unlike the one she has. And Paul got me some really warm gloves/mittens which at first I was not crazy about but now I absolutely love. I am warm no matter what the weather. The cap and gloves, along with my Sorrel boots, ski pants and down jacket and I can stay out for hours. Pure joy!


Anonymous said...

Snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun and such great exercise. I have never tried it, but would like to. Athena looks so cute in her hat.

Dawn said...

Oops...that was me, Dawn. ;)

Tara said...

After my husband and I began dating I urged him to join me for a walk. It was December, snowy and cold and he looked at me like I was crazy..LOL.

Looks like you had a spectacular day!

denise said...

Nice! I love being out too - snowshoeing sounds perfectly wonderful. :)