Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 18 Love

I woke up with an annoying headache today. I think it is due to sleeping funny cuz my neck was still sore last night. Could also be allergies. I sneezed about a hundred times yesterday. I opted out of a full yoga session and instead headed to the garden for some Nature Therapy.

Things are going well. I plan to make Borscht for lunch tomorrow with all the fresh veg I have growing. The potatoes are wonderful. Steamed and then drizzled heavily with full fat cream. Add some sea salt and a handful of torn dill. Heaven! The sunflowers are just finally beginning to bloom. They are over my head and well over Athena's reach. I planted Evening Sun, which flowers a deep burgundy. We have the yellow Mammoth as well. We also have many many volunteers from spilled bird seed. I was thinking about leaving the stalks standing over winter. Free built in feeders.

Anyway, when we came back inside my headache remained. Not only that but we were molested by mosquitoes. Yes we had spray on but not on my face. I am happy to report I have a quarter sized mark from a bite on my left temple. Awesome. I lay down in Legs Up the Wall pose for about 15 minutes, took an antihistamine and it got better. Good news because...

Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary. 26 years. More than some of you have been alive I might guess. We were high school sweethearts. Married at 18 years old. Most thought it would never last. Some even had the nerve and poor manners to tell us straight out, including the Catholic priest who married us. We had 3 daughters by the time we were 20 and 21. Later on, we were given the gift of Athena. We have 3 lovely Granddaughters as well. Very very blessed we are.

I love this man. I don't think he knows quite how much. I further think that I take him for granted a lot. He has been a wonderful husband (most days ;)) and an excellent provider for our ever changing family. His hard work has allowed me to stay at home to raise our children. Truth be told, I don't think he could handle it very well if I had a full time job. He likes it the way it is. So do I. He is so so good at his job. Far surpassing others in his field. He is well liked by all those with whom he does business. More importantly he is trusted.

He is a good man. A man of his word. A man of honor. He is decidedly NOT a girly man. He is not soft and sensitive. He isn't the best listener either. This man loves fiercely. Cares deeply. Laughs easily.

Happy Anniversary Paul. I love you. M

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Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a very sweet tribute you wrote you your husband.