Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Update: I walked to the school at lunch to see how she was doing, hoping to catch her on the playground. (Don't shake your head, 6 hours is a long time!) As I walked up she was just running out of the door to play. She said "Hi Mom. Are you picking me up cuz I don't want to go home yet." as she ran right past me to her friend. I guess all is well.

Today was Athena's first day of school.

Daddy made her an omelet for breakfast. Cheese omelet. Her favorite.

Then she went upstairs to brush her teeth and hair and to wash her face.

She got dressed and unlike Abby, she cared little about what she wore. Thanks for the dress Auntie Keri.

Then we all walked to school together.

She arrived at her classroom and got a picture with Mrs. Barber her teacher.

Exciting day!

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Dawn said...

She looks so cute! What an exciting day. I'm glad it went well.