Friday, October 9, 2009

11 Days In

Things I have learned 11 days into the school year.

* I can get a lot done in the morning before we have to leave at 8:35

*The walk to school from our front door to her door is 450 steps. Exactly.

*Athena does not eat that well on school days. Partly because she is given only 15 minutes to get her lunch, unpack it, eat it, clean up and go outside. Not enough. Not for this girl.

*She is poky. Last to come out of her classroom. When she does come out she has her school shoes still on. (Send her back in) Where is your backpack? (Send her back in) Did you remember your mitts? (Again, send her back in)

*When we are out of the school and I am sure she has all of her things, she RUNS. Runs across the school yard, through the breezeway, down the street and around the corner until she is home.

*She is getting into the routine of washing well with soap and water as soon as she gets home.

*Although she has school full days (every other day) she has only used the school bathroom once.

*On school days she is over active when she gets home. Too much having to sit and listen for a girl with her kind of energy.

*She sleeps well. Very well. 11 hours most days. Then she'll do a 12 hour once a week.

*She is learning a lot of not so good stuff at school. I am teaching her to differentiate between the good stuff and the bad. (the stuff she is learning that is not so good is from other kids)

*They sing Oh Canada every morning. Great! I am a die hard patriot. They also say The Lord's Prayer. In public school. Not sure what I think about that.

*She misses me a lot and I miss her too.

* I still hate leaving her there. I still think about homeschooling. Almost every day. Almost.


Kaivalya said...

I have to admit that the Lord's Prayer thing gave me a pause. I'm a dual citizen (was born in Chicago), and I went to public school in the States. A prayer of any kind would have never been allowed in a government run school because of the separation of Church and State.

It seems ironic to me because the US is often considered more bound up in religion than Canada - and yet the Lord's Prayer is still being said in Canadian schools!

This is so interesting!

Dawn said...

Athena has such beautiful eyes! My daughter is still very poky as a fifth grader, and is never able to finish her lunch on time. She only has one day of co-op school, and I often wonder how she would do if she went to public school every day.